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International Crisis Communication 2016 - highly relevant and attractive!

The International Crisis Communication Course, organized by PARC in Skopje from 14 to 18 this November, proved to be highly relevant and needed. It is one of the four international courses, offered annually by PARC, which is in highest demand by students from NATO countries, partners (PfP, MD, ICI) and partners across the globe.

The relevance and importance of this Course was reaffirmed by the quality and diversity of the attracted international audience. This Course joined 20 participants from 17 countries from around the world (Albania, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Croatia, China, Finland, Georgia, Jordan, Kosovo, Lithuania, Moldova, Slovakia, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine and Macedonia).

Crises Communication skills are a must in dealing with crises and proved to be needed in every crisis management tool-box. Although today’s crises vary in nature and complexity (natural disasters, organizational dysfunctions, economical breakdowns, military conflicts, migrant crises, terrorism), they all demand skilled and well trained Crisis Communicators, both in the military and the civilian world.

The theoretical and practical part of PARC’s Crisis Communication Course provided participants with a unique set of tools for dealing with any unexpected communication challenge during a crisis. Guest lecturers from Norway, Italy and British Embassy in Skopje added value by sharing knowledge and experience from NATO’s Crisis Communication’s procedures and best practices, planning for Crisis Communication and preparing senior management for crisis communication. Journalist’s insight provide participants with a unique opportunity to better prepare for dealing with media in crises.  

The practical “hands-on” training enabled participants to improve their skills and techniques for crisis communication. PARC’s certified media trainers from Macedonia and Kosovo took the leading role during the practical training, which helped students practice and improve by being engaged in simulations of TV Interviews, Press Releases and Press Conferences, based on realistic scenarios.

By the end of PARC’s Crises Communication Course, participants were better prepared and more confident to deal with any crisis communication situation. They not only increased their knowledge, understanding, skills and confidence, but they also gained a whole new network of colleagues and friends, which is essential for effective crisis communication.

We are highly motivated to continue to offer PARC’s International Crisis Communication Course in future! Thanks to all participants for their unique contribution to this Course and for becoming part of PARC’s family! We encourage you to keep coming back to PARC, promote PARC and share its values – communicate, network and succeed!  


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